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  • Intro video for MAPA fine art

    Intro video for MAPA fine art

    Ik had van alles opgeschreven, maar als de camera loopt dan gaat het anders. Gelukkig stond Tijs achter de camera, zodat ik me in ieder geval comfortabel voelde 🙂 Zie ook:

  • New work

    New work

    New oil paintings at MAPA fine Art gallery: See more work at:

  • Une Bon Mati

    Une Bon Mati

    ‘Un Bon mati’ geïnspireerd door het schilderij van Claude Monet” ‘Portrait de Victor Jacquemont au parasol’. Meer recent werk op schilderijen-current

  • Studio Sessions: Jeroen Allart

    Studio Sessions: Jeroen Allart

    Een serie interviews door Loren Snel, voor MAPA fine art. In Studio Sessions we take you on tour along the work spaces of MAPA artists. We’ve come to our last artist in the upcoming Amsterdam show Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues, Jeroen Allart. We meet Jeroen in his studio in Rotterdam West. With the city’s modern art museums…

  • Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues

    Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues

    MAPA FINE ART is pleased to present Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues, a group exhibition featuring six emerging international artist based in the Netherlands. These creatives have developed their artistic practice at leading art universities in the country. They present a body of work that explores their individual identities and makes a commentary on contemporary issues in…