Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues

MAPA FINE ART is pleased to present Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues, a group exhibition featuring six emerging international artist based in the Netherlands. These creatives have developed their artistic practice at leading art universities in the country. They present a body of work that explores their individual identities and makes a commentary on contemporary issues in our society.

Exhibition in Amsterdam in December: 14 – tm 18 december 2021 / MORE INFO / Bethaniënstraat 39, 1012 BZ Amsterdam

Allart’s paintings explore the removal of superfluous elements in both landscape and portraiture to arrive at the core of the object or subject being depicted. This search for simplicity and clarity, for the very essence of that which interests him, retains a certain idealisation or nostalgia that make his works instantly recognisable. It is perhaps because of Allart’s ability to make the mundane beautiful that he has often been called ‘the romantic from Rotterdam’.

Allart’s paintings are often brightly coloured and flatly painted. His brushstroke is often almost imperceptible, and this graphic quality gives his works a naïve edge that enhances the tranquility of his depictions. His landscapes in particular, often bearing a very low horizon broken only by a lonely house, tree or wooden shed, are instantly recognisable as the essence of Dutch rural life. This might be the exact scenery we stand to lose with the expansion of urban areas in the Netherlands. Thus, Allart’s nostalgic depictions could be seen as a call to action in defence of a world that stands on the brink of extinction.



MAPA Fine Art is excited to announce its first physical exhibition in the Netherlands. Rectangle Roots & Paved Tongues will be on display in Amsterdam on the following days:

Tuesday 14 December: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday 15 December: 10am – 5pm
Thursday 16 December: 10am – 5pm
Friday 17 December: 10am – 5pm
Saturday 18 December: 10pm – 5pm

Bethaniënstraat 39, 1012 BZ Amsterdam

The six painters in this group show will be exhibiting works that are currently part of our online collection, plus some brand new, never-before-seen pieces.

We would love to raise a toast with you to our first Dutch event, these amazing artists, as well as MAPA’s one-year-anniversary! You are hereby officially invited to join us for this celebration on the closing day, Saturday 18 December, from 5pm.



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