Frequently Asked Questions


Do you also paint on commission?

Yes, usually I am asked to paint a certain landscape. I also paint commissioned portraits.

What technique do you paint in?

Since 2015 I switched from acrylic paint to oil paint.

What does a commissioned painting cost?

That depends on the format, it is best to send me a message.

Where can I see your paintings?

At various galleries, see the calendar for upcoming exhibitions.

How long does one painting take you?

That depends on the complexity of a painting. I paint layered, the first layer must dry well before painting the second layer. On average, it takes two to three weeks for a painting to be finished. Sometimes I leave an unfinished painting for a while before continuing with it. Sometimes I paint on three or more paintings at the same time.

What material are your canvases made of?

My canvases are stretched with high quality linen. The stretchers are made of aluminum, so that they cannot warp.

Do you also sell outside the Netherlands?

I regularly sell paintings to the United States, Canada, Australia, but also in Europe such as Germany, Belgium, France, England and Switzerland. The paintings are professionally carefully packed with track and trace. Large canvases are shipped in a painter’s box made of solid wood.

Can I visit the studio?

This is always possible, preferably during the weekend. On working days I am painting. Send me a message and we can make an appointment.

Which art academy did you study at?

At the Willem de Kooning Academy- in Rotterdam and at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. More information can be found on this page 🙂

Where can I find more information about your work?

On this page you will find a number of texts that have been published in various media.

What are the recent paintings you made?

Current paintings are on this page 🙂

Which galleries represent your work?

Allart is represented in the Netherlands by JAN VAN HOOF GALLERY, ZERP GALLERY & GALLERY DE VIS. Abroad, Allart is represented by CONTEMPOP GALERIE. See also this page.

Jeroen allart