Studio Sessions: Jeroen Allart

Een serie interviews door Loren Snel, voor MAPA fine art.

Sep, Work in Progress / 100 x 100 cm / oil / Jeroen Allart / 2021

In Studio Sessions we take you on tour along the work spaces of MAPA artists. We’ve come to our last artist in the upcoming Amsterdam show Rectangle Roots & Paved TonguesJeroen Allart. We meet Jeroen in his studio in Rotterdam West. With the city’s modern art museums at a ten minute walking distance, the place seems the perfect hideout for the artist known as ‘the romantic of Rotterdam’. Jeroen talks to us about the winding path to his currently thriving practice, about cherishing lockdowns and following the footsteps of the impressionists. ‘I can imagine that, one day, I’ll take my easel outside.’

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