De fotograaf M.T.A.Bosch heeft onlangs een serie foto’s gemaakt van de Rotterdamse kunstenaar Jeroen Allart in zijn atelier. Marcel Bosch heeft een gigantisch ouevre opgebouwd, te zien op mtabosch.nl . Ingedeeld thema’s en reizen en op benummering.

Op zijn website staat: ‘That’s what somebody wrote about my work. I photograph life, with all it’s facets.It couldn’t be simpler. I photograph everything, love, courage, beauty but also anger, death, blood, sweat and tears. Only working with light that is available. What you see, is what you get. I see beauty in everything.The photographs are all to been seen on this website.They are all on show. As if you can walk into the depot during an exhibition. You can see them all. But you don’t have to!! Come back every day and see one of my many pages. Entrance is free! Have fun! Work also to be seen on Saatchi Art‘.

Ook fotografeert hij bijna elke dag vanuit zijn balkon het uitzicht op het erasmus M.C. in Rotterdam: ‘When I opened the curtains of my bedroom in the morning, I see the Erasmus MC. It struck me that the building was illuminated, every time by different light. Here in this series I made a registration.It’s still a on going project. Click on Erasmus MC. to see them all‘!

Foto: © M.T.A.Bosch
Foto: © M.T.A.Bosch