Murder Ballads: 7 nov Rotown

Nederlands kunst- en muziekproject Murder Ballads

The Murder Ballad is a multi media project in which artists contribute work which is related to or inspired by “Murder Ballads”. Painter, poets, photographers, writers, cartoonists and many more are invited to contribute their art. The contributions can be entirely new work, created solely for this project, or existing art works which correspond with the topic of Murder Ballads.

7 november Rotown Rotterdam 21.00 toegang gratis – Boekpresentatie en optreden
9 november Donner Rotterdam 16.00 toegang gratis – Opening expositie en optreden

Jaco Putker / Interior 21
Photopolymer etching 18×24 cm, 2015

10 november Egmond ad Hoeve Hoeve Overslot
16 november Amsterdam Instore Concerto
16 november Amsterdam De Nieuwe Anita (met The Grey Pants)
22 november Capelle ad IJssel Capsloc (met Flip Noorman)
24 november Leiden Galeriecafe Leidse Lente
06 december Haarlem Patronaat (café) / Irrational Library
13 december Delft Rietveld Theater
15 december Den Haag Paard (met The Grey Pants)
21 december Rotterdam Kopisoesoe



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